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Green Star

Look, I made a robot/superhero guy named Green Star. I haven't decided exactly what his superpowers are yet, but they have something to do with warping space and/or time. There's not much to him at the moment since this is actually the first time I have drawn him at all. I guess this would be considered a vector sketch.

I think I mostly just wanted to do more zigzags.

While writing this, I realized this first design may have been subconsciously inspired by Futurism. Then again, it probably wasn't, but now that it's come to mind, I will definitely be borrowing from that style as I develop Green Star further.

Ooh, I'm gonna have some fun in the future!


The Dark Lamp

I wanted to do a lighting test, so decided to use this monster of sorts.
A discarded desk lamp with a shattered bulb was possessed by a dark entity. Its humanoid body has skin of smooth, black metal and is filled with phosphorescent blood. Blackouts may occur as it feeds on electricity in the area. Its chilling scream can shatter glass.
Perhaps this lamp-demon and its creepy story would have been better to save until closer to Halloween, but Stares to Nowhere shuffled into play on my computer and brought it out early.

This creature was inspired by a desk lamp of mine that I used for a school project. At one point, it was the subject of a photo shoot. Some of the results remain among my favorite photos I've ever taken.



An ephemeral effigy created and inhabited by an old trickster spirit.

Koyotl is my take on Coyote from folklore. He would appear something like this in my spirit lands. Like typical trickster figures, Koyotl is neither benevolent or malevolent, choosing to stick to the grey areas. At some point in history, he gave up his physical form and took up an existence in the dream plane as a dream walker. Thanks to his massive level of spirit energy, he is able to play pranks on those in the conscious world by manipulating the underlying fabric of reality. Even though he no longer has a real body, he can create pseudo-physical effigies of himself using a limited amount of energy and interact directly with conscious spirits. Once the effigy depletes its reserves, it fades away and Koyotl returns to the dream plane.